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Welcome letter

A very warm welcome to Otterhaus. It is a great pleasure to have you staying with us and will do our utmost to ensure that your overall experience is most comfortable.

Experience a strong sense of nature living

The Otterhaus is located in the wonderful natural area of Trippstadt in the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzerwald). Customers can easily enjoy many different famous tourist destinations of the region and its vicinity within a few minutes by bike, by car or by foot. Whether you are a single tourist, a couple or with your whole family, you all can join and explore many interesting activities which are offered in our region such as bike tours, trekking routes through the forest and neighboring valleys, swimming, kayaking or simply enjoy the beautiful sunset from Otterhaus’s garden. At the end of any tour, you can enjoy very good food served by the different restaurants in Trippstadt or in the surrounding.

Our accommodation

We strive to provide you an apartment which is nice, clean and comfortable. The apartment is decorated nicely with cultural inspiration from Asian countries. Our attention is to create a nice and friendly atmosphere for you during your stay. Each the apartments is fully equipped for your independency in cooking, washing, working or just relaxing.

Last but not least, if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to contact us via number 06306 – 993888 or leave us a message via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (You can contact us in German, English, French, Italian and Vietnamese).

Once again, thank you for staying with us in Otterhaus.
We wish you an enjoyable stay!

Nga & Jürgen Ott

Otterhaus - environmental friendly and natural

Why Otterhaus? Well, firstly, the operators are called Ott - so the name was obvious and, secondly, we also like the otter, who again should also have a home in the Palatinate, where he used to live in the brooks and ponds in former times.

The Otterhaus was completed in 2017 and is modern, but consciously also environmentally friendly. It is a house on so-called Holzständerbauweise - so it meets the requirements of the KfW 70 standard - and except for the base plate, no concrete is used. During the building-up as much attention was paid to environmentally friendly or durable materials. The house and the service water are heated with a photothermal system (optionally a gas boiler can be switched on during bad weather conditions) and the electricity is produced by a photovoltaic system
Also in the garden design care was taken to ensure that native plants were used, which are particularly valuable for insects. Only in the Asian corner are a few exotics, which is due to the Vietnamese origin of the manager.

Since July 2019 we are also official partner of the transboundary biosphere reserve Palatinate Forest - Vosges Du Nord.

How to get to us